Doing hard things easier

My name is Lars Ivarsson and I’m the owner of the consulting firm Lectrodata since more than 20 years. As a consultant and engineer I can accept a broad spectrum of challenges with great flexibility. It may be as an engineer, technical consultant, writer, business consultant or in a more project oriented role. I have a deep and thorough knowledge in areas such as technical support, development, education and management.

Something beyond the ordinary.

My knowledge spans over a vast range of areas and professions. I have a unique ability to organize, administer and draw logical conclusions. In addition I look at technology from both the engineer’s and the user’s point of view and I can explain complex matters in a simple way.

Nothing is impossible

It is always possible to find appropriate solutions no matter what the problem is. Often it is possible to correct matters before they become an issue, with great savings as a result. Perhaps it concerns conventional technology, environmental issues, innovations, or seeing things from a somewhat different angle. It could concern computers, server related problems, communication, IT or networking. Or how about such things as surveys, change management, project management, consulting, testing, or writing articles not necessarily of a technical nature.

Varying assignments, tasks and projects inspire whether they are big or small. Varying tasks and challenges makes life come alive.

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